Why new whatsapp voice recording feature going to be a burden to you?

We all might have gone through the difficulties to record a lengthy voice message through whatsapp.. For a solution, whatsapp team going to implement a new way to voice record. In new version Whatsapp will automatically record the voice, If we long pressed the mice button 0.5 second. The new experiment looks like it is ok and we cannot find anything wrong until we face the hidden trouble.

There is a huge chance to record our conversation and send it our friends or groups without even our knowledge, going to be a relation breaker option.

For the time being, it is not easy to record a lengthy voice message in whatsapp. The record option is barely below the message box. The long press on the mice button is really a trouble maker. If the press on the button misplaced while recording, the whole processed recording will be erased. This is the reason behind to rethink whatsapp team to implement this Audio Lock Feature. Knowingly or by mistake, if we press the mice button 0.5 second long will get a message ‘swipe to lock’. Then automatically record the voice until we select, cancel or send button. The probabilities of passing it by mistake are the main grounds to keep it is in the shadow of mistrust.

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